Magic Corner

In Huilo-Huilo, the Rincón Mágico (Magic Corner) is a cozy space for youngsters, and is filled with creatures and characters of the forest. Its aim is to help children to relate positively to the native forest. In the Magic Corner, children may play and exercise their imaginations through painting, crafts, singing and many other fun activities organized by our team, which will care for them while you enjoy and explore the reserve. For more information on schedules and operations at the Magic Corner, please contact our sales staff or ask the hotel reception staff at Nothofagus.

Rincón Mágico

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    istintos lugares de la Reserva ofrecen experiencias y memorias que no se borrarán fácilmente, desde disfrutar un café mientras se contempla en silencio el bosque hasta dejarse vencer por el sueño mientras cálidas manos regeneran nuestro cuerpo.

Directions to Huilo Huilo