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Labor Reconversion

Until 2000 the only economic activity in the place was the timber industry and 90% of the people were engaged in it. At that time he suffered high unemployment due to the loss of profitability. Currently, more than 80% of the people in the surrounding villages of the Reserve are dedicated to sustainable tourism focusing on the conservation of the place. Many of them are now entrepreneurs who have developed different products for tourists to enjoy the magic of this place and women now have an important role in the family economy. They have accommodation, restaurants and different tourist services.

Community Development

One of the main activities of the Huilo Huilo Foundation has been the creation of various projects that allow the creation of economic and cultural ventures in the surrounding villages of the Reserve. These projects seek to strengthen cultural roots and local identity, provide people with tools so that they can become economically independent and improve the quality of the products they make. These projects include the workshops of craftsmen of magical beings, wood carving, embroidery, felt. There are also various artistic and cultural workshops where music, song, dance and theater are taught.

Cultural heritage

An important part of the work of the Huilo Huilo Foundation has been to rescue the cultural values ​​of the inhabitants of the area. Among them is the Pyrenees and Mapuche past, the arrival of European settlers and the Capuchins and the creation of nearby towns with a purely timber past. With the Mapuche communities, work is being carried out in several parts near the Reserve to enhance their culture, among them cultural routes have been created around Lake Neltume, a land was handed out in order to work it and paths have been created that put in Value myths and worldview. Work is currently being done on the old sawmill in order to create a museum that shows the history of timber production in the area.

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