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ClimateThe summers are pleasant and mostly clear, while the winter is cold, rainy and cloudy. It is this contrast that has allowed the development of this Patagonian Forest.

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About Weather

The varied temperatures and the fair measure of rainfall, promote the development of a unique ecosystem that dresses in different colors every season


The warm temperatures take over the reserve, giving opportunities to all our visitors to practice sports such as fly fishing, rafting and kayaking.


Precipitation begins to descend and the Patagonian forest is loaded with flowers. In this period, the low temperatures lose prominence so you can explore the depths of the Valdivian jungle in unparalleled horseback riding.


Around this time, Patagonian forests are dyed with attractive colors such as orange, brown and ochre. Enjoy the best mountain views and fly over the treetops in canopy.


In winter, enjoy all our activities in the mountains, whether it's your first contact with the snow or if you already have experience. For laying afternoons we offer our Lawenko Spa and our excursions to the thermal baths.