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Forest Ethics

Do not cut, damage or step on plants.

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Keep in mind that all plants are essential parts of the ecosystem and that some plants in the Patagonian Rainforest are endangered. It is prohibited to hunt and fish. Sport fishing is permitted in authorized areas, as long as fish are returned to the waters.


A forest fire will be a wildlife disaster.


The water in this area is amongst the purest on the planet. It is prohibited to pollute the waters.


Apply the technique of the Kodkod: dig a hole in the ground, cover the waste and leave no visible trace. Do not pollute the waters.


For safety and conservation reasons, it is only permitted to camp or have picnics in designated areas.


For your own safety, please respect the marked trails and roads. It is prohibited to enter unauthorized areas.


The speed limit in Huilo Huilo is 40 km/h. Respect the natural surroundings; it is only permitted to drive on authorized roads and vehicles must be prepared for varied weather conditions. Motorbikes are prohibited. Noise pollution disturbs the wildlife.

Solid preparation ensures a safe journey. Please read all information and get hold of maps of the area. Make sure you bring proper outdoor equipment and clothes suited for all types of weather, including snow.

The forest and the local community will be thankful.

Forest Ethics

  • Let´s not forget that the reserve is one of the few places on the planet with a Temperate Rainforest. Please respect the ecosystems and the natural rhythms, so future generations will be able to enjoy this beautiful world heritage area.