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Fly Fishing

For those who prefer to take a quick look at fly fishing without having to leave the hotel, fly fishing classes taught in the gardens of the hotels allow you to display basic launch, reading water and some of the techniques essential to the practice of this activity. It is a very good first step and then take the fishery half day, so I learned to practice field at the hotel.


Difficulty : Easy
Duration: 1 Hour

Fly tying is an exciting activity, highly prized by fishermen, especially in winter, is dedicated to creating your flies waiting for the start of the next fishing season.
For those who wish to learn this art, or learn new patterns for fishermen weather prevents them from leaving that afternoon, tying classes will show many exclusive booking patterns, variations of some classics and of course some special flies for those just take their first steps.


Difficulty : Hard
Duration : 1 hour

Pesca con Mosca

  • Huilo Huilo cuenta con distintos sectores para la pesca deportiva, destacándose principalmente nuestro lodge de pesca en las riberas del Lago Quilmo. La trucha arco iris es el pez con mayor presencia en los cursos de agua de Huilo Huilo.