Lawenko Spa

In the middle of the Cordillera de Los Andes, there is a small volcanic complex that gave rise to an underground complex of interconnected thermal rivers, which flow to the surface in different parts of Huilo Huilo. Included are the the Baths of Liquiñe and the pools of Lake Pirehueico.

On the northern shore of Lake Pirehueico, hot springs have been redirected to a charming spa center with comfortable baths, which are all connected by walkways. The spa can be reached by a short boat ride, or a self-guided three day trekking.

Conceived as a haven of serenity for the body, mind and spirit, the spa is full of warm spaces which are designed with careful selection of materials such as wood and local stone.
We invite you to enjoy its facilities and health treatments under our attention and care, while you are surrounded by a beautiful natural forest setting.

Lawenko Spa

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    istintos lugares de la Reserva ofrecen experiencias y memorias que no se borrarán fácilmente, desde disfrutar un café mientras se contempla en silencio el bosque hasta dejarse vencer por el sueño mientras cálidas manos regeneran nuestro cuerpo.

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