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Among the adventure sports, rafting is definitely one of the most exciting and entertaining. The Rivers Region (Los Ríos) in Chile has many waterways that have been carved out by the geomorphology of the area, are lightweight navigation routes with amazing features – the Fuy River being the most important of these.

Huilo Huilo offers two routes / levels of rafting on the Fuy River. The first is a route for those who want to entertain themselves on calm waters, and the second is a dynamic route that runs through class III and IV rapids, for those who want more adrenaline. Both offer the chance to enjoy beautiful views of the forest and the southern Patagonian Andes.

Ideal for families with smaller children, this rafting activity starts by passing a magnificent waterfall of 5 meters and then passing over soft rapids, leading to an unforgettable experience.
Season: Summer/Autumn
Minimum Age: 10 years


Duration: Approx. 3.5 hours
Difficulty: Easy
Quotas: 2-21 Persons

We dare you to ride these exciting rapids classified as III and IV and circumvent the ” kamikaze hole”, “the wall” and “the furious,” where the thrill of the ride and teamwork will make you forget the stresses of everyday life. During the tour we will observe the flora and fauna on the river bank, and jump from a rock that hangs 10 meters over the river, with the Mocho-Choshuenco Volcano as a beautiful backdrop. At the end of this adventure, we will have a re-energizing snack, and then return to the hotel to plan our next adventure.
Season: Summer/Autumn
Minimum Age: 15 years
Restrictions: People with heart problems, pregnant women, or those with systemic diseases


Duration: Approx. 4.5 hours
Difficulty: Medium
Quotas: 4-21 Persons


  • H uilo Huilo is a vast territory, full of life during the 4 seasons of the year. All of our activities offer unforgettable treasures of the Patagonian Rainforest, Southern Andes and local culture.

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