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The Huilo-Huilo culinary team’s greatest challenge and goal is to recuperate our lost culinary roots, both of those of our indigenous traditions as well as colonial recipes, and merge them into a balanced and delicious gastronomy of unmatched quality. This effort and idea is reflected throughout multiple activities and culinary delights in the various restaurants and cafés on the Reserve. The Nothofagus Restaurant, the Boar Inn at the Magic Mountain Lodge, and the Nawel Club House in Nawelpi Lodge, are some of the emblematic places where you can taste our kitchens’ most delicious creations.

This restaurant, named with the scientific name of the local Coigue tree, has two large dining rooms located on the ground floor of the Nothofagus Hotel. Its cuisine blends native flavors with those brought by European settlers. Its kitchen uses fresh, local ingredients that are infused with the magic of the place. It has a varied range of dishes including seafood, meat and pasta, and a variety of foods from the area. All tables have a view of the forest and receive professional customer service.

In an atmosphere reminiscent of old expeditions, the Nawel Club House offers relaxation. The open kitchen provides exclusive service for its guests, who have the opportunity to converse with the chef about the different gastronomic options. The food is a gourmet fusion of native flavors and those brought to Chile by European settlers, and leaves no guest’s palate room for indifference.


A magical place, located at the entrance to Salto de Huilo Huilo, where you can taste the delights of the forest. How about enjoying a wild fruit cake, accompanied by a delicious hot chocolate by the fireplace, in a forest environment, surrounded by the spirits and fairies of Huilo-Huilo?

This is home of Huilo Huilo Foundation in the forest. It is located in the area of the “Salto Huilo Huilo” waterfall. It is a quiet and cozy place where you can read wildlife books next to a fireplace, acquaint yourself with the magical beings of the forest, or find a souvenir from the Huilo-Huilo Biological Reserve.

Set in the iconic Magic Mountain Lodge, this café is the perfect place to forget about time, talk to family and friends, write, think, or sit quietly watching the forest, while tasting delicious sweets and snacks from the small menu.

Restaurantes, Cafes y Bares

  • Different parts of the Reserve offer unforgettable experiences, from enjoying a coffee while quietly contemplated the forest to be overcome by sleep as warm hands regenerate our body with a spa treatment.