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Huilo Huilo Inmensity

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Huilo Huilo Immensity

Design your all-inclusive just like you want

Two days minimum

All Year Round

No restriction

Included Excursions

Full Board


Huilo Huilo Immensity

Immensity is the ideal package for those who desire the flexibility to create their own itinerary. It gives you the option of extending your stay at Huilo Huilo and choosing what you want to do each day. There is a large range of enjoyable outdoor activities to choose from or there is also the option of staying within the complex, relaxing and enjoying our services.

At the same time, this is Huilo Huilo’s most complete package in terms of services. It includes transfers to and from the Reserve from different points, full pension and an open bar, and the accommodation depending on the Lodge and type of room that you have chosen for the occasion. Contact us for more information about this enjoyable package.

All activities and excursions are subject to availability, season and weather conditions.

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Regain our culinary roots, both in our aboriginal and colonial traditions, and merging them with a balanced, delicious and high-quality proposal is our main goal in the gastronomic staff at Huilo Huilo.



Conceived as a peaceful refuge for both, body and mind, as well as for our spirit. Its warm spaces are designed under a careful selection of row-materials, for instance with wood and stones from the local area. We invite you to enjoy their wonderful facilities.



Huilo Huilo is a vast territory to discover, full of life during the four seasons of the year. All the activities offer you memorable treasures from the Patagonian Rainforest, the Andes Mountains and the local culture.

Design your all-inclusive just like you want