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The crystal clear waters of the Fuy River have class III and IV rapids, perfect for rafting enthusiasts. This is one of the most exciting activities you can enjoy at Huilo Huilo. The breathtaking landscapes of Northern Patagonia are the perfect setting for this adventure.

This navigation consists of a beautiful journey across lake Pirehueico to a small beach in the south riverside of the lake where patagonian rainforest left an open and peaceful surface, especially attractive to bathe and relax.


You start at the town of Puerto Fuy, with the imposing figure of the Mocho-Choshuenco Volcano in the background, and have the options of a fun boat or catamaran ride on the pristine waters of Lake Pirehueico, a quick dip for swimming, or a tranquil stroll to disconnect from the world while walking along the shores of the lake.


The clear, calm waters of Lake Pirehueico are perfect for kayaking, and the secluded and unspoilt beaches are perfect for strolling. This tour allows you to explore the different islands of the lake.



  • H uilo Huilo is a vast territory, full of life during the 4 seasons of the year. All of our activities offer unforgettable treasures of the Patagonian Rainforest, Southern Andes and local culture.

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Portal de los Cievos
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