Forest Ethics - Huilo Huilo

Forest Ethics

Huilo Huilo is hotspot in biodiversity and depends on all the care we give in our visits to remain this way: It is our duty to take care of the forest. Respecting the natural rhythm of its ecosystems will allow future generations to enjoy the wonders of this patrimony of humanity.

Always remember

Don't forget the care you must give to the forest on each of your visits. Respect is essential to keep the reserve in good condition.

Let’s give the plants a chance; go through the Reserve without cutting, stepping on them or damaging them.

Each species is fundamental to the ecosystem and some are at risk of extinction. It is forbidden to hunt or fish. Fishing is allowed only with return and in authorized places.

Fires are the worst disaster for all species. It is not allowed to light fires or make bonfires, except for places implemented and identified for this purpose.

The watercourses found in the Reserve are among the purest on the planet, so it is forbidden to pour sewage or waste into them.

When you start an excursion, remember to bring supplies that generate little waste, and when you return, sort them and deposit them in the appropriate waste containers.

If necessary, remember the Güiña method: Dig a hole away from watercourses, make it your needs and then cover it without leaving visible traces of human waste.

The introduction of domestic animals into the Reserve, which either by direct attack or transmission of diseases, are a threat to the Native Flora and Fauna, is prohibited.

For the safety of visitors and conservation of the natural environment, it is not permitted to camp or eat meals inside the Reserve, except in places marked for this purpose. Small snacks are allowed, respecting the Ethics of the Forest.

For safety and security, respect the signposting on trails and roads. Enter only authorized areas. Before visiting a site, please consult the staff of the Reserve’s visitor centers.

For the safety of visitors, and to maintain the natural rhythm of wildlife, the maximum speed of circulation within the Reserve is 30 km/hr. Only vehicles in good condition and suitable for roads and weather conditions are allowed to circulate. The entrance of motorcycles to combustion is prohibited, because their sound harms the wild fauna.

A safe journey begins with the proper information and obtaining route maps, pointing out roads, trails, destinations and characteristics of the place to visit. You must have good equipment for the weather, appropriate shoes and shelter for sun, rain and snow.

The forest and its inhabitants will thank you in a thousand ways.