Biological Reserve - Huilo Huilo

Biological Reserve

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About the reserve

Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve is a privately protected area nestled in the middle of the Patagonian Andes of Southern Chile. In its 100.000 hectares of extension there is a surprising biological diversity, species of flora and fauna unique in the world. The Reserve, through its three pillars: conservation, community integration and sustainable tourism seeks to preserve this natural and cultural wealth for future generations.

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You don't know what to do in Huilo Huilo? The amount of activities is immense!

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What will you find in the reserve?

From unspoiled beaches, glacial lakes and century-old forests that are home to a variety of endemic birds and species.

In the heart of the Patagonian jungle

Huilo - Huilo is part of a unique and little explored ecosystem, which corresponds to the jungle territory of Patagonia, in the southern Andes. In this territory areas of scientific and conservation interest are superimposed at world level.

Flora and Fauna Diversity

The natural isolation of the Valdivian ecoregion for several thousand years, produced unique species of animals and plants, which have very unique characteristics, so it hosts one of the most extraordinary and representative biodiversities of the planet.

100,000 hectares of Patagonian jungle

Exuberant nature that shelters a surprising biological diversity, lakes of glacial origin and innumerable watercourses, with the largest number of species of ferns of continental Chile and an important number of species threatened or in risk of extinction.

Endemic species

The geographical isolation of this region allowed the development of coihues, raulies, ñirres, ulmos, chilcos, ferns, mosses, chilcos, pudús, huemules, pumas, Darwin's frogs, chucaos, black carpenters, monitos del monte, among many other species.

History of the Reserve

Our hundred-year-old forests have a great story to tell

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Several endemic species are part of the landscape of Huilo - Huilo

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