Sporting and cultural events - Huilo Huilo

Sporting and cultural events

In Huilo Huilo, you will find the best spot for sporting and cultural events.

Here, you can live a world-class outdoor experience. In this place, various cultural and sporting events are permanently held, with the participation of different countries, companies and brands. We hold the Trail Run every year, a sporting competition that brings together hundreds of people in 80 kilometers of tour of our reserve.

On the other hand, our large halls facilitate the realization of any type of event, that is why we have had the presence of various national artists who have chosen our reservation to exhibit their works.

About the activity

Services offered

  • Large capacity and accommodation alternatives
  • Large spaces for layout installations
  • Options for activities related to mountain, forest, snow, rivers and
  • Routes in the middle of nature
  • Contact with nature
  • Opportunity to integrate the local community
  • Unparalleled landscapes
  • A unique event
  • Medium and large space infrastructure


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