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In conjunction with the communities of Neltume and Puerto Fuy, Huilo-Huilo has developed an array of excursions and tours that allow you to immerse yourself in a fascinating journey to the depths of the Patagonian Forest, as you become enamored of its magic and convinced of the need for its conservation.

We offer over 40 different expeditions that include trekking, canopy, horseback riding, mountain bike, kayak, sailing, mountain hiking, snow adventures, fly fishing and spas, among others, which are all led by local tour operators. They all emphasize the value of this ecosystem and culture of its indigenous peoples.

Shortly before dawn, we begin our tour in a 4×4 vehicle to an overlook located at the foot of the Mocho Volcano. Once there, we will enjoy a delicious country breakfast while the sun rises and the light begins to illuminate the spectacular mountain scenery.
Includes: Transfer and Cocktail

Shortly before sunset we begin this beautiful outing. The vehicle leads to a viewpoint located at the foothills of the mighty volcano Mocho. After arriving, you will enjoy a small cocktail while contemplating the wonderful sunset in the southern Andean peaks, an image that will surely remain in your memory.
Includes: Transfer and Cocktail

Want to enjoy a memorable beer made with pristine water from the south of Chile? The Petermann Brewery is open all year, and is focused on producing the best craft beer in different varieties to gain more fans every day. Come and taste our beers, either in a tasting tour or our restaurant brewery, where drinks, sandwiches, pizzas, tablas, and a host of other interesting options are offered in a fun environment for all ages!



  • O ur tours offer a simple and entertaining way to get to know the Reserve, with the support of local guides that lead you through the experience of being in the middle of the southern Andes, in the heart of the Patagonian Forest.

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Portal de los Cievos
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