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Volcanoes Museum

he Volcano Museum is a place to learn and enjoy. This beautiful five-story building offers a tour beginning at the top, from a dome that is at a later stage to become an observatory, then moving downward in a spiral to the different levels. Each level offers samples and artifacts that show the evolution of the universe and our planet, until finally reach the ground floor where beautiful collections of indigenous artifacts show the history of 12 native peoples from the region, with a special focus on the Mapuche people.

mong the curiosities of the museum is a mammoth horn found in Siberia and subsequently sold to Chinese nobles, who carved in it a representation of the daily life of the Chinese at the time. The museum also boasts two walk-in replicas of Chilean copper and coal mines, with two mining carts that connect the first to the second level, as well as a replica of the “Phoenix capsule”, used to rescue the 33 miners after the collapse of the Mina San Jose in Copiapo, Chile, in 2010.

Museo de los Volcanes

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    uestras excursiones ofrecen una manera simple y entretenida de conocer la Reserva, con el apoyo de guías locales que potenciaran la experiencia de estar en medio de los Andes australes, en el corazón de la Selva Patagónica.