Autumn - Huilo Huilo


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in Huilo Huilo

Around this time, Patagonian forests are dyed with attractive colors such as orange, brown and ochre. Enjoy the best mountain views and fly over the treetops in canopy.

Horseback Riding El Mañío

Venture on horseback and walk through the forest among centenary mañíos, coigües, oaks and raulíes: You will be able to meet the almost complete Nothofagus family that inhabits the temperate rainforest. During 2 hours, you will travel 5 kilometers, so it requires some knowledge or willingness to ride. If you are inexperienced, our guides will teach you everything you need to start this adventure. Children can participate as long as they exceed the minimum height required: 1.3 meters. We have Mexican, Canadian, English and Chilean saddles.

Canopy Flight of the Condor XL

You will fly like a condor furrowing the heights, brushing the glasses of century-old coigües. The adventure begins in the Huilo Huilo Portal where you will be equipped with everything you need to glide through 1650 meters of zip lines. To get to each station, you must first make a small trek through the forest that does not exceed 1.1 km. You will ascend to a sector of the reserve located at 900 meters above sea level to start the flight. The activity is suitable for over 15 years, provided they have a minimum weight of 50 kilos and a maximum of 90 kilos.

Pudu Mountainbike

For 2 hours, you will walk a gravel trail into the forest in the southern part of the reserve to end at the suspension bridge that gives access to the Darwin trail. Oriented towards people with experience in mountain biking – due to its high difficulty and the physical and technical demands it possesses – this tour assures fun in its 16 kilometers of extension.

Deer Forest

A tour around La Reserva del Fuy where it is possible to be near and appreciate several specimens of red deer. Sighting through a footbridge approximately 1500m long and 3 meters high, between trees and meadows. In half an hour you can visit the whole Huilo Huilo deer breeding area. The animals move freely and sometimes pass very close to the footbridges.


Want to see other activities?

In Huilo Huilo every season is a must. From snowshoeing in winter, rafting and canopy in summer, fly fishing in spring and themed trails with colorful lengas in autumn. In the middle of the Patagonian jungle, enjoy a unique outdoor experience.