Spring - Huilo Huilo


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in Huilo Huilo

Precipitation begins to descend and the Patagonian forest is loaded with flowers. In this period, the low temperatures lose prominence so you can explore the depths of the Valdivian jungle in unparalleled horseback riding.

Kayak to Pozo de Oro

You can kayak to a beach of virgin and deserted forest, a dream come true. You will spend some time resting on the beach where you can sunbathe and if you are brave, you will take a dip in the cold waters of the lake. This family trip requires knowledge of kayaking and rowing as it comprises 12 kms. in total. There is the option of sailing in a kayak or seat on top, depending on the physical conditions of the passengers.

Pampa Pilmaiquén

In this activity you will reach the heart of the Reserve by jeep to get to know a unique ecosystem, nestled in the middle of the forest, in what used to be the bucket of a lake. You will walk to a wetland surrounded by dwarf ñirres that grew on volcanic sediment left by the ancient eruptions of the Mocho Choshuenco volcano. Also, you will find fox and puma tracks as well as bird sightings in the area of the Trarolafquen Lagoon.

Darwin Trail

Venture across the Fuy River via a suspension bridge to a pristine area of the reserve on this 3-hour trek. Appreciate in detail the flora and fauna of the temperate rainforest and depending on the time of year, you can observe the Darwin’s Frog -endemic species that is in danger of extinction- in its natural habitat. Surprise yourself with the singing and hammering of the unmistakable Black Woodpecker, inhabitant of the mature forests. In this medium-high difficulty trekking, you have multiple ups and downs with lots of roots on the way. The path is circular and has an extension of 3.77 kilometers, ending at a viewpoint over the river Fuy.

Fly Fishing

This type of recreational fly fishing is aimed at the most experienced and allows you to enjoy the silence and quietness of the Reserve for 8 hours. Initially and in an hour’s journey, you will arrive at Quilmo Lagoon, which is located 42 kilometers inside the Reserve. Here you will mainly catch rainbow trout and coffee, which weigh an average of 500 grams. Another flyfishing spot is “Río Blanco”, a place that is not always operative due to the presence of the huemul in the route. The fishing equipment is included and consists of fishing rod, flies and clothes according to available sizes.


Want to see other activities?

In Huilo Huilo every season is a must. From snowshoeing in winter, rafting and canopy in summer, fly fishing in spring and themed trails with colorful lengas in autumn. In the middle of the Patagonian jungle, enjoy a unique outdoor experience.