Summer - Huilo Huilo


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in Huilo Huilo

The warm temperatures take over the reserve, giving opportunities to all our visitors to practice sports such as fly fishing, rafting and kayaking.

Fuy River Rafting

In this adventure full of adrenaline you will be able to feel the force of the rapids of the river Fuy. During 2 hours you will descend in an inflatable raft, where you will cover a stretch of 11.5 kilometers by this river of glacial origin. To do this activity, you don’t need any previous experience or know how to swim, but you must consider that it is an activity that involves getting wet or falling into the river.

Kayak Thermal Baths of the Lake

After sailing for more than three hours in a kayak, you will have the best reward: rest in the jars located in the middle of the forest. The thermal waters will help you recharge your batteries and continue the journey. It is a demanding physical activity that includes 7.5 hours of navigation with 32 kms. total distance, so you require experience in kayaking and there is no alternative to make this trip with kayak seat on top.

Huilo - Huilo Trail

Located in the Fuy River, of glacial origin runs through a volcanic rock channel, originated in a great eruption of the volcanic complex Mocho Choshuenco. Upon reaching the waterfall, the channel narrows into a very deep stream with a fall of 37 meters high and 10 meters wide.


Want to see other activities?

In Huilo Huilo every season is a must. From snowshoeing in winter, rafting and canopy in summer, fly fishing in spring and themed trails with colorful lengas in autumn. In the middle of the Patagonian jungle, enjoy a unique outdoor experience.