Summer - Huilo Huilo


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in Huilo Huilo

The warm temperatures take over the reserve, giving opportunities to all our visitors to practice sports such as fly fishing, rafting and kayaking.

Fuy River Rafting

In this adventure full of adrenaline you will be able to feel the force of the rapids of the river Fuy. During 2 hours you will descend in an inflatable raft, where you will cover a stretch of 11.5 kilometers by this river of glacial origin. To do this activity, you don’t need any previous experience or know how to swim, but you must consider that it is an activity that involves getting wet or falling into the river.

Cable Car Condor Andino

The Cóndor Andino Cable Car consists of 3 cabins -which were brought from Switzerland- each one with capacity for 6 people. From its viewpoint you can contemplate a great part of the reserve and live a unique experience in the middle of the native forest. Climbing the hill, taking height among millenary trees to reach a viewpoint where you can see the lake, the town of Neltume and the volcano Mocho Choshuenco is an experience for eyes and heart.

Explorers Club

The Little Explorers Club is an ideal activity for children because through guided games, they acquire knowledge about the local flora and fauna, as well as techniques of orientation and interpretation of the forest, awakening the curiosity to discover and explore the nature that surrounds them.

Canopy Flight of the Condor XL

You will fly like a condor furrowing the heights, brushing the glasses of century-old coigües. The adventure begins in the Huilo Huilo Portal where you will be equipped with everything you need to glide through 1650 meters of zip lines. To get to each station, you must first make a small trek through the forest that does not exceed 1.1 km. You will ascend to a sector of the reserve located at 900 meters above sea level to start the flight. The activity is suitable for over 15 years, provided they have a minimum weight of 50 kilos and a maximum of 90 kilos.

Mountainbike Fullday XC

This is the most complete mountain bike circuit you will find in the Reserve. 39 kilometers of pure adrenaline, mountain landscapes and panoramic views. It comprises a circular circuit that runs through the high hills of the northern sector of the Reserve, along with the Mocho Choshuenco Volcano. It is a highly technical activity for people very experienced in the practice of this discipline, as it is a descent through native forest located at 1285 meters above sea level on the slope of the volcano. It requires a very good physical condition, due to its steep slopes of ascent and descent. There is an alternative to personalize it according to the level of the user.


Want to see other activities?

In Huilo Huilo every season is a must. From snowshoeing in winter, rafting and canopy in summer, fly fishing in spring and themed trails with colorful lengas in autumn. In the middle of the Patagonian jungle, enjoy a unique outdoor experience.