Winter - Huilo Huilo


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in Huilo Huilo

In winter, enjoy all our activities in the mountains, whether it's your first contact with the snow or if you already have experience. For laying afternoons we offer our Lawenko Spa and our excursions to the thermal baths.

Ascent to Mocho Volcano

If you have basic notions of winter mountaineering, you can enjoy an unforgettable experience with us and reach the summit of the Choshueco Mocho. The tour begins the moment you put on your crampons at the birth of a millenary glacier.

Ride in Darwini

At 1350 meters high, the slopes of the Mocho Choshuenco volcano have gentle slopes that will allow you to enjoy a family ride on a vehicle with caterpillars.


¿Looking for accommodation?

In the middle is the Patagonian jungle, surrounded by green temperate forests of the southern Andes are ten unparalleled accommodation alternatives to enjoy the reserve.