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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions



With respect to the terms and payment of reserves for the companies of the tourist heading or others, the indicated thing will govern in the specific commercial agreement established with each one. In the absence of a specific agreement, these conditions shall apply.

All reservation requests must be sent in writing to the email [email protected] and will be completed by sending the Reservation Form provided by the Reservations staff.

Any reservation request whose Reservation Form does not have all the information requested will be considered incomplete and therefore cannot be registered.

In the Reservation Form, a valid credit card will be requested to guarantee the reservation, otherwise it will be considered as an unconfirmed reservation.

All reservations must be 100% paid for no later than 30 days before the start of the program. If the reservation was not paid before, 30 days before the start date of the program will be charged to the credit card left in guarantee, without prior authorization of the client, since he will leave it already authorized in the Reservation Form.

In case the visitor does not have or does not want to pay his reservation with credit card, he must indicate it to the personnel of reserves to be guided on how to take the reservation. In this case the reservation can be paid through a deposit or current account transfer. Cheques are not accepted.

The terms of payment, booking, changes and cancellations may vary in some promotions, informing the specific conditions only in force for that campaign.

Any unconfirmed reservation will be discarded 72 hours after it was taken. Once discarded, your space may be taken by another reservation.

Any reservation is nominative and is made in the name of the applicant and is therefore non-transferable and indivisible.

All reservations paid in USD, to enjoy the tax exemption, must be accompanied by the respective documents required by Chilean legislation. In his absence, the total amount of the Reserve will have a surcharge of 19% on the price in USD, corresponding to the VAT.

In order to reserve room nights in high season, at least 2 continuous nights of lodging must be reserved. To hire a single night in high season, the passenger can do at the time of arriving at Huilo Huilo (walk-in), assuming the risk of not finding availability in the accommodation.

The payment of a reservation is made for all days and services contracted. In this way, if the passenger withdraws before or does not consume part of the services included, will not be entitled to be reimbursed for such items, whatever the cause that causes such a circumstance.

The programs that have included transfers of entrance/exit to the Reserve are shared with other passengers and work only in the schedules and routes indicated in the informative of the program. If a passenger wants to take a transfer outside these schedules and routes, or not share the transfer with other passengers, then you must hire a private transfer service for an additional price.

Huilo Huilo is not responsible for delays or impediments in the departure / arrival of regular or private transfers caused by force majeure problems beyond our operation, such as strikes, road closures, delay or cancellation of navigation or flights, natural disasters, etc.. Any additional expenses incurred by passengers in transit to/from Huilo Huilo due to such circumstances shall be borne by the passenger.

Without prejudice to the foregoing, Huilo Huilo will make every effort to support passengers in such circumstances.

Huilo Huilo reserves the right to modify or remove parts of the itinerary of a program if necessary to ensure the welfare and protection of passengers and / or its staff.

The passenger, during his stay, is responsible for complying with the rules of internal operation of the accommodation where he is staying.


The client will respect all the conditions established in the Reservation and any modification regarding date, duration, services or others must be agreed with Huilo Huilo.

Any change or cancellation to a confirmed reservation should be sent to email: [email protected]

*With respect to CHANGES in Reserves:

If a change is requested at the program start date 30 or more days in advance, the change will not have an associated penalty.

If a change to the program start date is requested between 29 and 15 days in advance, the change will have a fine equivalent to 10% of the Reserve amount.

If a change is requested to the program start date less than 15 days prior to the program start date, the change will result in a penalty equal to 15% of the Reserve amount.

When requesting the change, the client will have to pay


If you wish to check in early (early check-in), you have the option of paying the amount corresponding to 20% of the night/breakfast rate of the room of that accommodation, with the new check-in at 12:00 pm (subject to availability).

For day use rooms we offer a stay between 11:00 and 18:00 hrs, with the cost of 50% of the night/breakfast rate of the respective room.

Each room can only accommodate the number of passengers established in the internal regulations of the respective accommodation.

Pets of any kind are not accepted in the Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve. The only exception are dogs to support blind and whose permission to enter is requested in advance to the staff of Reservations.

In consideration of the Law of the Tobacco n° 20.660 of the State of Chile and to our internal policy of sustainability, the Reserve Huilo Huilo does not allow the smoking to the interior of any of its facilities, already be of lodging or of another nature. If a person is caught smoking they will receive a fine of 2 Monthly Tax Units. Huilo Huilo has three special areas, adjacent to the hotels Montaña Mágica Lodge, Nothofagus Hotel & Spa and Reino Fungi Lodge, where smoking is allowed and ashtrays are available.



They are released from payment, provided that they share the bed or room with the accompanying adult(s), in those rooms where capacity permits (see next section).

Every infant should share a room with an adult, unless it is a special interconnected room.

If the room is occupied by a single adult with one or more infants, adult service will be charged on a single occupancy basis.

Feeding for the infant is free of charge for those services included in the fare of the accompanying adult(s). The rest of the food will be charged at the normal price, as applicable.

Enjoy a 50% discount, as long as they share the bed or room with the accompanying adult(s), in those rooms where the capacity allows it (see next section).

If the room is occupied by a single adult with one or more children, adult service will be charged on a double occupancy basis.

If the child is staying alone or with another child in an additional room, then you will pay the adult rate, single or double rate, as applicable.

The food included will be the one corresponding to the contracted service. The rest of the food will be charged accordingly.


All accommodations and services pay the same adult rate.


This section refers to the capacity of the rooms of the hotels Montaña Mágica Lodge, Nothofagus Hotel & Spa, Reino Fungi Lodge and Nawelpi Lodge.


Possible combinations:

1 adult and 2 infants/children.

2 adults and 1 infant/child.

*Total 3 people: all 3 share a double bed.


Possible combinations:

1 adult and 3 infants/children.

2 adults and 2 infants/children.

3 adults and 1 infant/child.

*Total 4 persons: 3 persons in a shared double bed or in two twin beds and 1 person in an additional bed.

** Nawelpi Lodge does not accept infants and only accepts children under special circumstances.


 Possible combinations:

1 adult and 4 infants/children.

2 adults and 3 infants/children.

3 adults and 2 infants/children.

*Total 5 people: 3 people in a shared double bed or in two twin beds and 2 people in additional beds.